Why Us

Bully Sticks are the number one selling treat in the USA. A steady supply of quality sticks can be a challenge for individual pet stores and small chains. We specialize in finding great sources of bully sticks, and soon we will offer other pet treats and products. Our game plan is simple; we are looking to build a base of repeat customers that need a steady supply of quality bully sticks. This will keep our advertising and marketing costs low, so we can then pass our savings on to those loyal customers. We also understand that pet stores and small chains don’t always have the finances to invest in bulk purchases, so we’re keeping the order size small enabling you to only spend what you can afford.


    Our Bully Sticks are hand sorted and come from free-range, grass-fed cattle. The sticks are not treated with chemicals and baked at high temperatures to ensure there are no bacteria. These are premium sticks, fresh and of high quality. Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless! We want to be your trusted source for quality Bully Sticks. Enclosed is a sales information document that describes the product in more detail along with your options.


Our Bully Sticks are six inches and available in thin, medium, thick and extra-thick sizes. They can be purchased in cases of 100 for as low as $177 per case, and there is a price advantage for higher quantities. In the future, we plan on having 12-inch Sticks as well as other treats. All orders ship right away.